Status Update June 2021 —

Status Update June 2021

by Joshua Branson — July 01, 2021

This past month, I began interviewing some exciting software developers about their various projects including the GNU XaoS developer Zoltán Kovács, the current GNU Texinfo maintainer Gavin Smith, the creator of the Odin Programming language gingerbill (interview is here), and the libre hardware developer of the 3D printed laptop creator Luke Leighton about his upcoming libre SOC/GPU/VPU!

In a very small way, I helped the Guix Project by committing a tiny documentation fix for the bordeaux new substitute server powered by the Guix Build Cordinator, which is some ways competes with Cuirass.

I thoroughly researched how to set up and host an email server with GNU Guix, dovecot, and opensmtpd. I can currently send email and receive email, but I have not properly set up dkimsigning just yet, though I did find this guix email config that should really help me out! My goal is host email accounts to people who want to sponsor my interviews, programming, etc.

I also have a new GNU Guix System server! It's got 30GB of RAM, on a 3TB HDD. It's pretty legit! I'm setting up the static IP address in a few days. I've got lots of plans for it including a pubnix (public access unix system), server, nextcloud instance, mastodon, games, etc.

Do you have any ideas for what I should do with a GNU Guix System server? I'm all ears. Send me an email at jbranso AT

I'm also seeing a lot of people that are having a hard time installing GNU Guix System. I can sell basic desktop machines with 8GB of RAM on a 1TB or 2TB HHD for $225 before shipping. The desktop is a Dell Optiplex 7020 or 7010. Does that sound like something you would want? Then send me an email: jbranso AT