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Random Rumblings

by Joshua Branson — April 13, 2018

Please note that this blog posts refers to a time when this site used Wordpress. It is now using Haunt.

So today I had a full day of just doing whatever I wanted.  Here's a recap of the cool things that I was able to do:

  • I got one of my websites to use let's encrypt:  www.gnusites.com.  As an interesting sidenote, https://www.gnucode.me now points t www.gnusites.com.  That's not intentional.  I'll have to fix that another day.
  • I fixed a really annoying error with gnus, which is an email client for emacs.  Basically it was trying to access a server that didn't exist.  (nntp "news").  Every time I started gnus, it would try to access this fake server and fail.  A simple (setq gnus-select-method '(nnnil "")) solved the problem.
  • I made this site serve images from a CDN (allegedly).  I'll have to verify that it actually is.
  • get org babel sh code working on remote machines!  This actually works!  I wish I was writing this post in org-mode so I could properly show it off.  Basically I have a file on my local machine.  And in Emacs I have a file that looks like this:
#+BEGIN_SRC sh :results output :exports
both :dir /ssh:joshua@richardrahl:/home/joshua ls

: dead.letter grep

Emacs is using tramp to ssh onto my remote machine, and show the contents.  Nifty eh?

This basically amounted to me modifying /etc/hosts/ to make richardrahl point to my linode.  I also used ssh-copy-id to copy my gpg key to that linode.  It's pretty spectacular!