Mentors are Fabulous —

Mentors are Fabulous

by Joshua Branson — October 31, 2020

This is mostly a nerdy blog. However, this post is motivational and non-technical.

Recently I have been listening to "I'm still here", which is Jim's theme from the movie Treasure Planet. It reminds me of uncertain times in my life, when I was struggling with self-worth and fearful of the future. I had all these big plans for my life, and I was not making any significant progress toward achieving them. However, many of my friends had married, started a family, landed their dream job and were happily living a life that seemed so far out of my reach. I would waste days just watching tv shows and online videos, and I felt lost and hopeless.

Has your life ever felt like walking through a hazy morning fog? Have you ever spent a day, knowing that the best portion of your day would begin when you feel asleep that night? I have been there, and it's not a fun place to be.

I am glad to say that I no longer live life with such a depressed attitude. It in large part has to do with a good friend and mentor, who has spent countless hours encouraging me and pointing out the good things that are already present in my life.

I suppose the most significant practice that has helped me to stay positive is the teachings of Dr. Joe Dispenza, which encourages you to focus on the things, for which you are grateful, especially the things that you do not yet have. He teaches a type of meditation that imprints this on your brain. Just spending a few minutes in the morning meditating like this, drastically improved my mood. I would recommend that you watch a few videos of Dr. Joe Dispenza; it's worth your time.

Here's a short summary of what Dr. Joe might say:

90% of the thoughts that you have today are the same thoughts that you had yesterday. The thoughts you think influence your emotions. Try it. Think about a happy thought, or a sad thought. What do you feel? If you spend five minutes re-living your proposal, then you would most likely feel joyous.

So, if your thoughts shape your mood, then your mood certainly shapes your actions. If you are angry, then you probably will not decide to act compassionately or generously. If you are joyous, then you will most likely do kind actions. The actions you do often are habits, and your habits predict your life.

thoughts --> emotions --> actions --> habits --> life

Therefore, your thoughts predict your life. Thoughts are things. If you begin to transform your thoughts, then you begin to transform your life. "Change your personality to change your personal reality."

If you are eager to start meditating now, try the following. Spend some time in a comfortable sitting position (if you meditate laying down, you may fall asleep). Set a timer for 10-40 minutes. Put on some meditating music. While you are sitting, try to focus on the generous present moment and also be thankful for the things that you do not yet have. Guided meditations may help you as well.