Doom Emacs rocks! —

Doom Emacs rocks!

by Joshua Branson — November 15, 2022

I have been using Doom emacs for about 6 months now, and I must say the experience is truly wonderful! It is hands down the best Emacs distribution that I have ever used. And it is sooo fast!

I used to own my own emacs config, which is something that everyone should do at some point to help you learn more about emacs, but maintaining your own emacs config is really hard. You have to:

  1. Fix any bugs that you have. bug hunter is really helpful for this
  2. examine any cool packages that you may want to add.
  3. Keep up to date with new packages that are probably better than the packages that you are using.
  4. Update packages and deal with any new bugs they introduce.
  5. Stay sane with all the complexity.

I did the above for some time, and it is doable. I maintained my own Emacs for so long, because it was one of the few coding projects that I actively used and worked on. The problem was that my config’s stability varied week to week, and it made it harder to focus on actually helping GNU Guix. At a certain point I decided that I would rather let someone else maintain a config, so that I could spend more time helping a free software project.

I also realized that since I use Doom emacs so often, and it is in need of funding, that I should probably go ahead and chip in. I highly reccommend you to check out Doom Emacs, and consider donating. Currently the maintainer of Doom can only allocate 12 hours per week on the project, but hopefully the community will be able to support his work full time.