Developers I Admire —

Developers I Admire

by Joshua Branson — February 26, 2021

I find it helpful to model other great developers. If you can find other great developers, then perhaps you can model their behavior. These are some of the software developers that I admire:

  • Chris Lemmer Webber ( helped write ActivityPub, which is driving federated web applications like Mastodon, and funkwhale, and PeerTube.

  • Andy Wingo ( was instrumental in modernizing GNU Guile. His blog is full of wisdom.

  • Chris Wellon's ( blog is super engaging. There's all sorts of Emacs and C nuggets of wisdom in his blog.

  • Drew Devault's blog ( is pretty fantastic. I personally believe that a great way to help the free software movement is to create free software businesses, which Drew Devault is doing with sourcehut. He also created the sway window manager, which I use on GNU Guix. Sway works fantastically well by the way.